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Case Plus Giveaway: Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card [CLOSED]

100 amazon gift card giveaway

Contest: Case Plus Giveaway – Win another $100 Amazon gift card!
How To Enter: Go here to enter… there are plenty of ways to enter and tons of ways to obtain additional entries that are extremely easy, though, it’ll help to have Twitter because of one the ways is to retweet the contest but outside of that, you can simply visit their Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, their website homepage and Google+ pages.
Prizes: $100 Amazon gift card
Contest End Date: November 19, 2017
Contest URL:


2 responses to “Case Plus Giveaway: Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card [CLOSED]”

  1. Nafisa Sadikah says:

    I’ve no Twitter account . So I couldn’t fill the required conditions which are based on Twitter. And another thing is that I don’t know why I can’t fill the last condition(share with friends).

    • BC says:

      The Twitter option and sharing with friends aren’t required, they just give you more entries to the contest for better odds. As long as you do any of the other options, you should’ve received entries (which you should see how many entries you have at the top).

      Hope to that helps!