Giveaway Winners 1/12/18

Giveaway Winners 1/12/18

giveaway winners

As we start to post more and more giveaways, there’s going to be more and more announcements on giveaway winners.  With that said, here are the latest giveaway winners that have been announced.

Walton’s Monthly Giveaway: Win A Weston 80L Pro Dehydrator And Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer – Carl G (winner announced here)

$500 Holiday Giveaway: Win A $500 Amazon Gift Card – Chelsea W (winner announced here)

Vaping360 Apple TV Giveaway: Win An Apple TV – Bryan V, Michael B, Jim B (winners announced here)

Voidu’s Happy Holidays Giveaway: Win A MSI Laptop (And Games)  – Jeroen V, Splittingvoid, Giuseppe F, Vitgar83 (winners announced here)

Happy HoliDAZE Giveaway: Win A Xbox One S – Raymond B (winner announced here)

Fantastic $500 Amazon Giveaway: Win A $500 Amazon Gift Card  – V Punnab (winner announced here)

Funky Kit Giveaway: Win A WD 1TB 3D NAND SSD – Mike G (winner announced here)

AlertBot Giveaway: Win A Xbox One S – Lisa B (winner announced here)

Canon EOS M5 Giveaway: Win A Canon EOS M5 – Maria S (winner announced here)