Giveaway Winners 12/8/17

Giveaway Winners 12/8/17

giveaway winners

There have been a lot of giveaways that have ended within the past week and I’m sure if you won, you should have already been contacted by the host of the contests.  In case you haven’t or you were unaware, here are the winners that were listed.

EPC’s $800 Build-A-PC Giveaway –  Ken W (winner announced here)

Coconut Mama Vitamix Giveaway – Breanna (winner announced here)

GOTRAX Hoverfly Giveaway – Tara W (this one wasn’t posted on our site but we mentioned it on our social media)

$10k Gear Giveaway: Win $10k Worth Of Gear Including DJI Mavic Pro –  Justin Munoz (winner announced on @gnarbox Instagram page)

Holiday Bar Cart Giveaway – Michelle B, Kimmy R, Ruth U, Susan C, Darla P (winners announced here)

LET Indiegogo Launch Giveaway: Win A $200 Amazon Gift Card – Gina F (1st) then Jenny H, Jeanne S, Diane T, Tim C, Frank L (winners announced here)

$450 BlizzardBucks Giveaway: Win A $450 Paypal Cash – Mary (winner announced here)

Win Star Wars Battlefront 2 Giveaway – This was not posted on our site but rather our social media – Noah R