“Haunted by the Devil” Release Giveaway: Win A $300 Amazon Gift Card [CLOSED]

by BC | January 23, 2018 4:04 pm

amazon gift card giveaway

Contest: “Haunted by the Devil” Release Giveaway – there will be a $300 1st place prize, $50 for 2nd and then 29 people will receive $5
How To Enter: Go here [1]to enter… there are a handful of ways to enter this giveaway and receive additional entries.  The easiest ways are to visit the sponsors website and visiting their Facebook page.  After that, you can comment on their blog post, follow them on Twitter and refer friends.
Prizes: 1st – $300 Amazon Gift Card, 2nd – $50 Amazon gift card, then 29 people will win $5
Contest End Date: January 27, 2018
Contest URL: https://wn.nr/b7VJfC[2]

  1. here : https://wn.nr/b7VJfC
  2. https://wn.nr/b7VJfC: https://wn.nr/b7VJfC

Source URL: https://www.bloggingcontests.com/haunted-by-the-devil-release-giveaway-win-a-300-amazon-gift-card/