Blogging Contests was created back in 2008 to originally just enter contests and giveaways that we found on the internet. We opened it up to other users to individually post their own contests but after quite sometime, we noticed a lot of spammers and people taking advantage of this so we stopped.

In 2017, we relaunched the site and made it extremely simple and easy: we find contests and giveaways (usually prizes that are worth over $100+ only) that are legit and we simply write blog posts on where you can enter. “Blogging Contests”. We basically serve as the middleman so you don’t have to go out to find random giveaways from tons of different sites and spend a lot of time searching. We do that for you!

With us, you know the prizes are worth it and any giveaway we find and post are easy to enter!

If you do find an awesome giveaway you’d like to share with us, please let us know with our Submit A Giveaway form and we’ll post it!