Giveaway Winners 11/17/17

Giveaway Winners 11/17/17

giveaway winners

It’s that time again!  To see if you won any of the giveaways that we found and posted for you to enter… or, you know, get disappointed because you didn’t win.

Here are the couple of recent winners that were posted for the below contests:

Woobiibox Indiegogo Launch Giveaway – Gary E, Jessica M, Steve G, Dmitry K, Debbie S, Tim C, Daniel L (there were multiple gift cards given away – winners announced here)

iPhone X Giveaway – Ricardo A (winner announced here)

Win For Honor – This giveaway wasn’t actually posted on our site but I believe it was on our social media accounts, which you should follow!  But the winner was Natalie S (winner announced here)